Adult Book Sales

The Friends sponsor two Book & Media Sales for adults and teens (no children’s books) each year – one in the spring and one in the fall. See below for the dates for the upcoming sale.

Each of these book sales features as many as 20,000 items for the public to purchase. In addition to a broad selection of fiction, the following are just some of the other popular topics available:

  • Art, Health, Self-help, Religion and Nature
  • Sports, Cooking, Home Improvement and Gardening

Volunteers Needed for Sale

We need volunteers for pre-sale preparation; to work during the sale and for breakdown after the sale If you can offer a few hours, please click on Volunteer4booksale. This site will provide you with a description of the jobs available, the dates for which help is needed, and many 2-3 hour time slots for you to choose from.  If you have problems with the sign-up process, please contact Friends’ volunteer Anne Cronin at 518-522-6057. If you have questions about the sale, please contact Friends’ volunteer Linda Murphy at 518-368-8155.  

Spring Sale Dates

  • Thursday, May 2: 5pm – 8:30pm
  • Friday, May 3: 9am – 7:00pm
  • Saturday, May 4: 10am – 4:30 pm Unadvertised specials
  • Sunday, May 5: 12pm – 3pm (BAG SALE ONLY) NEW Extended hours. You are encouraged to bring your reusable shopping totes to fill with books for the bag sale. If you don’t have a reusable tote, Hannaford plastic bags will be available.

Please note: The hours are slightly different than previous years. Also there will be unadvertised specials announced throughout the day on Saturday.

On Thursday only, to enhance your book sale experience, numbers will be provided to the first 100 patrons, starting at 3 pm. After receiving a number, patrons may leave and return at 4:45 pm. This eliminates the need to stand in line for a long period of time. Starting at 5 pm, numbers will be called and small groups of patrons will be admitted in number order. Patrons arriving after 5 pm will not need numbers and will enter after all cards have been collected. This will help alleviate congestion and all buyers will be allowed into the sale within 10 minutes of the opening, regardless of their place in line. Please note: no container larger than a bankers box will be allowed inside the sale.

Crowded sale room
Enjoying books on the floor
A boy and his craft
Tots the clown
Family enjoying the sale
Happy group of ladies
Three young ladies on a bench
Boy on the slide
Two girls on the slide
Kids in the bounce house
People at the sale
Girl with a napkin
Girl with an apple
Girl getting her face painted
Another girl getting her face painted
A third girl getting her face painted
Girl with balloon animal
Donation Information
  • Our storage area is FULL! We cannot accept book donations between March 13th and May 10th.
  • Books, CDs, DVDs & Audiobooks on CDs in clean, good quality condition may be left on the cart near the Circulation Desk at the library at any time.
  • Please be considerate of our volunteer sorters. If books are moldy, water damaged, dirty or missing pages, please recycle them instead of donating them to the library. Check boxes or bags to make certain that you have not included items you did not intend to donate.
  • If you have more than 6 boxes of materials to donate, please call the library to make special arrangements before you bring them in. You can use the cart near the Circulation Desk to help transport the items into the library.
  • Because of the limited interest in magazines, VHS tapes, audio cassettes, encyclopedias or any textbook or technical book more than 10 years old, please do not include these with your donated materials.
  • Donations of sale items are usually accepted year-round.
  • All book donations are tax-deductible. For your tax purposes, we offer a Donation Form that you can complete yourself. You may download one here or pick up one of these forms at the circulation desk when you bring in your donation.
Volunteer Information

The success of our book sales result from ongoing, yearlong efforts of many committed volunteers. Please contact us if you are interested in doing book sorting (year-round), pre-sale preparation or day-of-sales support. You can leave your name and contact information at the Circulation Desk at the library or email

Upcoming Events

Children’s Festival – September 21, 2019
The Friends also sponsor the Community Children’s Festival at the end of September each year. There is no charge to attend the festival and there are free snacks, crafts, face painting and entertainment, just for children and families.

Children’s Book Sale (Bag Sale) – September 22, 2019
The Friends hold a children’s book sale on the same day, and the day after, the Children’s Festival. There are oodles of books for all ages.