Book Lists for Adults

Check out these book lists created by librarians!  Open a category, choose a topic, and click on a title or book jacket to open the item in the catalog.


Classic Novels (July 2013)

Cleaner, Gentler Fiction (October 2012)

Crime Fiction (June 2016)

Fact-Based Fiction (June 2011)

Famous Authors as Characters (April 2012)

Fiction for Men (July 2010)

Fiction for Women (July 2010)

For Downton Abbey Fans (March 2013)

Gone Girl Read-Alikes (November 2014)

Graphic Novels for Adults (June 2010)

The Help Read-Alikes (February 2011)

Historical Fiction (September 2013)

Non-Fiction That Reads Like Fiction (April 2012)

Quirky Novels (June 2011)

More Quirky Novels (June 2014)

Reads Like Vonnegut (December 2012)

Scandinavian Thrillers (April 2013)

Scary Reads (October 2010; updated October 2016)

Suspense Readalikes (July 2010)

Time Travel Love Stories (May 2011)

True Life Adventure (May 2011)

Unbroken Read-Alikes (May 2015)


Armchair Travel (April 2013)

Breast Cancer Awareness (April 2013)

Cats Rule (December 2010, December 2014)

The Chef Recommends… (June 2014)

Civil War Fiction (February 2011)

Dogs and Their People (October 2010)

Dogs and Their People Part 2 (July 2014)

Family Sagas (November 2010, May 2014, May 2016)

Legal Thrillers (January 2013)

New York Times #1 Bestselling Fiction (December 2012)

New York Times #1 Bestselling Nonfiction (December 2012)

Oprah’s Picks (rev. March 2011)

Ordinary Heroes (June 2016)

Our Honored Veterans (October 2010)

Pirate Tales (May 2011)

Sisters (May 2014)

Vampire Fever (April 2012)