Today's Hours 9AM - 9PM
Today's Hours
9AM - 9PM

Welcome to The Cave!


“The Cave” is our library space for teens.  (Teen = grades 6-12)

In addition to teen fiction and non-fiction books, The Cave also has audiobooks, magazines, graphic novels, and manga… Plus our Tween & Teen Librarian, Chrissie!  (Our library DOES have video games, music, and movies, but they aren’t located in the Teen Area.)

The Cave is now organized into sub-collections for easier browsing! 

We have sub-collections* for:

Action, Mysteries, and Thrillers
Dystopian Fiction
Graphic Novels & Manga
Historical Fiction
Realistic Fiction
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Teen Topics (e.g. health, school, and self-help)
True Stories (e.g. memoirs & biographies)

* For a selection of popular titles from each sub-collection, check out the Teen Book Lists!


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