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Using LPT:One to Print From a Library Computer

To print from home or using a wireless device, see our wireless printing page.

Submitting a Print Job
Releasing a Print Job
Reprinting a Print Job
Helpful Printing Tips

Submitting a Print Job

To submit a print job from a library computer, complete the following steps.

  1.  Select the option to print using the File menu, Ctrl+P, or the arrow next to the printer icon in the browser toolbar.  If there is a printer-friendly version of your webpage, select that instead. The system displays the Print dialog. Black and white and Color printers are available.
  2. NOTE:  If you click the actual printer icon in the browser toolbar instead of the arrow next to it, the document may be sent to the color printer (@ 50¢ per page). The document will need to be sent again to print in black and white.
  3. Select the appropriate printer, page range, and number of copies, and click Print.  The system begins processing the print job and displays the Processing Job dialog box.
  4. Click OK to submit the print job, or Cancel to stop the submission.
  5. The system displays the Print this job? dialog box. This dialog displays the number pages, price per page, and total cost to print the selected print job. Click OK to approve and send the job.
  6. Proceed to the Print Release Station at the Reference Desk to pay and print. You will need your library card number or guest pass to access your print account on this computer.

NOTE:  Print jobs will stay in the queue until the library closes before being automatically deleted.

Releasing a Print Job

  1. After logging in to the Print release station with your card or pass number, click the desired Job Name or Job Number.  To print multiple jobs, click on each or click Select All Jobs from the top menu.  The total price will display at the top right of the screen. As rows are selected, the system highlights the row that corresponds with the job selected.
  2. Click Print.
  3. Insert the appropriate amount of money in the coin and bill acceptor (it is able to make change) and click OK.  The machine will not accept more than $10 at a time.

Reprinting a Print Job

To re-print a job, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Print Release Terminal queue, click Reprint Jobs.
  2. Select the job to be re-printed. As rows are selected, the system highlights the row that corresponds with the job selected.
  3. Proceed with printing using the same process as printing a single job. The system processes re-prints just as a single job.

Helpful Printing Tips

  • Before printing from the Internet, select the drop-down arrow next to the printer icon in the toolbar.
  • Choose Print Preview to see how your document will look when printed.  To exit Print Preview, click Close and make any final changes to your document.  WARNING!  If you do not use Print Preview before printing (especially from the Internet), you may end up printing many unwanted pages.
  • To print only portions of the document, highlight the selection you wish to print.  To highlight text/pictures, click and hold the left mouse button while dragging the mouse over the desired area.  Release the click when the full area is highlighted.
  • Click the arrow next to the printer icon and select Print.  Choose Print Selection (or enter page numbers), check to make sure you are using the correct printer (black and white or color), and click OK.
  • To print a document from a flash drive, insert it and double-click the “My Computer” icon on the desktop.  Double-click the drive where your document is stored.  Open your document (double-click), and print using the File menu or Ctrl-P.  You may also print portions of the document by highlighting a selection and choosing Print Selection (or entering page numbers).  Be sure to select either the black and white or color printer.

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