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On Exhibit in February 2016

Walls: Paintings by Randall Bentley

I was awed by the eroded rock formations of arches, sandstone fines and monoliths of Arches National Park in southeastern Utah. On a spiritual level connected to nature they compelled me to put their fantastic shapes and colors to canvas.

Having been an undergraduate geology student, I eagerly absorbed the saga of their creation. About 300 million years ago, a layer of salt thousands of feet thick was deposited when a sea flowed into the area and eventually evaporated. Later, during the Early Jurassic Period, about 210 million years ago, the Navajo Sandstone was laid down in desert climatic conditions.

On top of this layer came the Entrada Sandstone about 140 millions years ago. Together, these layers of sandstone pressed down upon the salt bed and liquefied it. Salt domes formed, thrusting layers of the sandstone upward. Precipitation seeped into surface cracks, expanding, and stressing the sandstone until sections of it broke and left a series of freestanding fins. Most of the park’s formations are of the Entrada layer.

One of my paintings is of the fins in an area called “Fiery Furnace.” Here the red hues of Entrada sections rise upward on the skyline. They must have looked like flames in the sunset to early visitors.

When Spanish missionaries passed through these gorgeous rocks in 1775, they encountered Ute and Painte tribes. I painted some of the Ute petroglyphs hoping to glean some of the ritualistic and spiritual energy that created them.

Wind and water continued to erode fins in other areas causing them to collapse. Some fins had enough hardness and balance to become arches. The park contains over two thousand arches.

If viewers of my paintings can appreciate the beauty of this park and revere nature, I am happy.

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