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On Exhibit in August 2015

Walls: Watercolors by Linda Asmus

I have always loved drawing and painting. I have fond memories of the art classes taken in high school. After a lapse of many years, I returned to school at Sage College of Art in Albany, NY being persuaded by a dear friend who said “follow your dream” and I did.

Since those years, I have continued my studies through numerous workshops. Several years ago I found a wonderful teacher, David Dunlop, who introduced me to the watercolor technique I use today. It is a dry brush technique on sealed paper.

I have traveled extensively in Europe which has allowed me to enjoy many great works of art. After a day in Monet’s garden, I produced several paintings reflecting the beauty and color of the garden.

I dedicate this exhibit to Linda Drullard Watts, my friend, classmate and “personal nudger”.


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1 Case: The USS Slater: Life at Sea

This exhibit presents a picture of daily life aboard destroyer escorts during World War II. Included are several non-accessioned items as well as an interpretative plaque. The emphasis is on describing what sailors would have experienced while at sea both inside and outside of battle. (a theme that visitors experience when they visit the SLATER today for a tour). Included items: chambray shirt, steel dining tray, handless mug, Bluejacket’s manual, life ring, oxygen breathing apparatus (OBA), binoculars, flag, photographs of the SLATER and her crew, 48-star flag and blue jumper.


3 cases: LEGO Creations by the Library’s LEGO Club.

The Library’s LEGO Club meets monthly for children ages 5+ to use their imaginations to create with the library’s LEGO collection.  Watch our newsletter or check our events online to see the schedule. Registration for club is required.


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