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Unattended Juveniles in the Library

A policy is necessary to address the issue of families using the library as a childcare center and leaving children unattended in the library. The policy is also necessary to provide for the general safety of children in the library and to make parents aware that the library is a public building, open to all manner of people, and can therefore present risk to children.

Statement of this policy:

  1. Children under 11 must be accompanied at the library by a parent/guardian/authorized caregiver age 13 or over except while in attendance at a library program.
  2. Children under 8 must be accompanied in the Children’s Reading Room by a parent/ guardian/authorized caregiver age 13 or over at all times. A parent may be asked to stay with their child, regardless of age, if the child’s behavior warrants it.
  3. If a child remains at the library after closing time the librarian in charge will make sure the child has called for a ride. The staff member will remain with the minor for 15 minutes at which time, if the child has not been picked up, staff will notify the police. The librarian will remain with the child until the police arrive.
  4. Children of any age are not welcome in the library if they are ill or disruptive.


Minors are the responsibility of their parent, guardian, or authorized caregiver age 13 or over, not of the library. The library takes no responsibility for the safety or welfare of children left unattended at the library.

If a child under 11 is not accompanied by a parent or guardian at the library the librarian will call the parent or guardian to pick up the child. If a parent or guardian cannot be reached, and/or cannot pick up the child, police will be called and apprised of the situation.

In the event of abuse of library privileges by a child, the library shall contact the parent/guardian.

Should the library need to contact a parent/guardian of any child and they are not on site or cannot be reached the librarian will notify the police.

Adopted by Trustees, August 17, 1999
Revised & Adopted by Trustees, June 19, 2001
Revised & Adopted by Trustees, November 18, 2003