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Exhibit Policy

East Greenbush Community Library maintains several display cases and an exhibit area available for public use.  Exhibits must be approved by the library and are chosen for their cultural, informational, educational and entertainment value for people of all ages in the community.  In reviewing exhibits, the library endeavors to present a broad spectrum of opinion and a variety of viewpoints.

The library adheres to the American Library Association’s policy statement on Exhibit Spaces which states “Materials should not be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation.  Materials should not be proscribed or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.  Exhibit space should be made available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.”

The views in the works exhibited are those of the artist and are not necessarily those of the East Greenbush Community Library.

Exhibit Regulations

  1. Exhibit areas may not be used by commercial, for-profit entities.
  2. Displays are for one month.  They must be set up on the first of the month and must be removed the last day of the month.  If the library must dismantle an exhibit because it is not removed as scheduled, the library is not responsible for damages or storing the exhibited items.
  3. Groups or artists may display once during a twelve-month period.
  4. Setting up and removing an exhibit will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.  The library will assist with picture rail displays.  Please make arrangements with the Program Coordinator.
  5. No prices may be affixed to exhibit works.  A price list may be left with the program coordinator for the exhibit and the name and phone number of an exhibit’s contact person may be displayed so library patrons may contact him/her for further information about the exhibit.  No sales may be made on the premises.  No exhibit material, which is sold during its display in the library, may be removed before the end of the exhibition period.
  6. Exhibitors may not schedule special openings or other events without the permission of the library and such an event must be scheduled and approved by the East Greenbush Community Library Program Coordinator.
  7. Publicity for an exhibition is the responsibility of the exhibitor, however the library does post the information with examples of artwork on their website.
  8. The exhibitor must furnish his/her own labels.  Labels may not be taped or nailed to back, sides or glass of a display case.  The exhibitor’s name must be posted in the exhibit.
  9. Library sponsored displays have priority.  The library reserves the right to preempt an exhibit for a library exhibit.  The library will make every effort to give advance notice of such preemption and assist the exhibitor in reserving another date or exhibit case.
  10. The library does not assume responsibility for loss or damage of any item exhibited.  All exhibited items are done so at the exhibitor’s risk.
  11. The exhibit cases/space must be left in satisfactory condition.  Exhibitors using exhibit cases or space assume liability for any damage resulting from said usage.
  12. The library reserves the right to bar future exhibits for infringement of any of the above rules.
  13. Those who object to the content of an exhibit or part of an exhibit held at the library must submit their complaint on a Reconsideration of Library Exhibit form that will be judged according to the policies established by the library.  All library users are encouraged to read the library’s Exhibit Policy before submitting their request.  The Board of Trustees will review the Reconsideration request and notify the complainant in writing of the decision.

Adopted by Board of Trustees January 16, 2001. Amended: October 21, 2003.