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On Exhibit in June 2015

Walls: Artwork by Nanette Shapiro

Most of my drawings are begun through using a method called “automatic drawing.” After sketching blind for about 10 minutes, I open my eyes and make decisions regarding what I wish to keep, what I wish to delete, and what I wish to change. One aspect of this involves form. Another aspect involves color. During recent years, I have become more involved with the exploration of color. This exhibition includes several of my abstract pastel drawings. If you go to the Delmar Library you will see my recent oil paintings which also explore color and the use of transparency. Those paintings are also on exhibit during the month of June 2015. You can find my website at:  518-522-8744. Please call for prices if interested.


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Cases: Student Artwork from Holy Spirit School

This exhibit is from the Holy Spirit School in East Greenbush of oil paintings done by students in grades 4 through 8 through their Young Oil Painters program.


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