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On Exhibit in December 2014

Walls: Photography by Larry Rosenmann

My passion as a photographer began over 45 years ago working with my father, a professional photographer.  As I’ve grown as a photographer I try to take photos that show the beauty and complexity of God’s creation.  To do so, I use the methods of environmental portraiture to portray the essence and personality of things people see every day, and point out details that are often overlooked.  This exhibit is a continuation of my exhibit from September 2013 based on insects. If you are interested in any of my photos, please contact me at: or 518-674-2241


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Cases: Photography by Janet Snyder

I’ve loved photography since I was old enough to hold a camera. My grandfather was the first photographer in New York to color photographs. This was first done using chalks. I have one of his photos of my mother as a baby. Photography to me is preserving memories. I love to see the pleasure on someone’s face when they see their child, loved ones, friends or family no longer with us or a landscape that inspires feelings of peace and hope. A photograph captures a split second in time that will never happen again, preserving anything from an infant’s smile to the decaying barn. I love not only capturing the moment, but seeing it develop into a work of art. I can be lost for hours behind a camera, creating and capturing whatever my subject may be into; a work of art or a memory. You can contact me at:

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