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Find a Business


AnyWho Business

Search by the business name or enter a category keyword to find matching businesses. The business name search requires a state. For the inexpensive viagra category search, you must specify both the city and state or the zip code.


InfoSpace Business Search

Search by name or type of business. Requires a state.


InfoUSA Business Information

Search by business name or yellow page category. Requires a state.



Yellow Pages from Verizon. Search by category or business name. Requires a state.



Search by type of business or business name. The state is not required for business name searches. Switchboard has an option to search a city plus the surrounding area. 


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Find a Person



White pages search by name.


InfoSpace Name Search


InfoUSA Business Information

Requires you to select a state. Returns neighborhood data for each address (average home value, etc.). Also does reverse phone number lookups.






Also does reverse lookups by phone number or address.




Yahoo! People Search

Also finds entries for similar names.


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Find an Email Address



Both first and last name are required.


Yahoo! Advanced Email Search

Primarily lists email addresses of the best place canadian healthcare cialis Yahoo! users.


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International Directories


Find a person, find a business, toll-free numbers, postal codes, and yellow pages.

International calling guide including country codes, area codes, phone books, etc.


Infobel World

Comprehensive index of online phone directories worldwide.


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Reverse Lookup


AnyWho Reverse Lookup

Does reverse phone number lookups.


Switchboard Reverse Phone Search


WhitePages Look Up by Address


WhitePages Look Up by Phone Number

Will also search by the beginning or ending of a number.


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Toll Free

Internet 800 Directory

Also does reverse toll-free number searches.


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Area Decoder

Find area, city, and country phone codes, or do a reverse lookup for an area or country code.


Canada Postal Code Lookup


FCIC National Contact Center

Includes information on Federal agencies and private organizations that assist individuals in locating persons of unknown whereabouts.

Phone numbers, shortcuts, tips, contact info, reviews, and customer service details for thousands of companies worldwide.  Get faster and better technical support or general customer support by checking the contact information, tips, and ratings.


Search Systems—Public Records

Over 10,000 links to free public record databases around the world. The included databases cover business information, licensing, court records, criminal records, sex offenders, inmates/offenders, missing children, unclaimed property, trade names/trademarks, tax information, birth, death, and marriage records, and more.


Telephone Prefix Location Directory

Telephone prefixes (exchanges) for area codes in the U.S., Canada, and Caribbean countries. To search for prefixes within the 518 area code, click here.


 United States Postal Service 

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